Tim Goates Model Glow party
Sunday, November 08, 2015
Tim Goates Model Glow party

Ive been having so much fun this year with the model team.  This is the first year that we have ran a model program and we have done a lot of fun things.  This weekend we had a glow party.  Honestly I have NEVER shot any of these kind of shots before now so it was a new expereince.  It turned out great.  I see the images and I think "AVATAR".  The paint was a bit messy and I dont even know how long it took them to get it off once they got home, but they looked awesome in the images!  Stay tuned for the next themed shoot!  

Sports and Cheer Photography
Thursday, April 30, 2015
Tim Goates Model Glow party

Tim Goates Photography is totally raising the bar for sports and cheer images.  Are you tired of the same done and redone sports images?  I am.  I am tired of seeing mediocre sports, cheer, and portrait images in general.  It is time we raise the standard.  If you want sports and cheer images that totally rock, Tim Goates Photography is for you.  We had the gorgeous #Timgoatesmodels Mckenzie Willis, Erin Huff, Morgan Lovett, and Sierra Holland model the new standard in sports photography.  We had the images printed on banners that totally stand out.  They rocked the session and I am looking forward to great things to come!!  

Kailee Goates' Modeling session
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Tim Goates Model Glow party

So I have one more #timgoates model to feature.  She is the last one to feature but certainly not the least.  She is my very own daugther Kailee.  I cant even believe that she is old enough now to be a senior model.  When she was born I looked at her, held her in my arms, and I realized for the first time what love at first sight was.  She could not have been more perfect in my eye.  I used to hold her in my arms and call her my "little pumpkin head."  She was a spitting image of me... and thank God she now looks more like her mom!!!  Kailee you are special and I know God will use you for great things if you allow Him.  I love you with all my ...

Erin Huff's Modeling session
Friday, April 10, 2015
Tim Goates Model Glow party

Our next #timgoatesmodel blog feature goes out to the very gorgeous Erin Huff who's nickname is Huffy.  Erin's favorite drink is Cherry lemon sundrop and dreams of being a teacher.  Her biggest accomplishments in high school so far are making all converence and MVP in Volleyball.  She knows all the words to frozen... But she needs to just let it go.  :)  Her favorie place is New York city and loves country music.... (we wont hold that one against her)  Her favorite clothing store is Buckle... (YES, I love all these buckle models)  She wishes she was better at writing her name in cursive, and rarely ever carries a purse.  She also can not wink and ...

Mckenzie Willis's Modeling session
Thursday, April 09, 2015
Tim Goates Model Glow party

The next #timgoatesmodel to be featured is the gorgeous Mckenzie Willis.  Her nickname is Kenzie.  She likes sour patch's and pepsi.  Her dream Job is to work at Disney World... YES!! The happiest place on earth!!!!! She has the ability to "Cross one eye".  Her favorite clothing store is Buckle.  YES again.  :)  Lipstick is always something she has in her purse and istagram is her favorite app on her phone.  Her goals after school are to go to UNCC and become a teacher.  She loves making cakes and hunting with her dad.  Enjoy her images and give her some love!!!